Air Duct Cleaning

How is the quality of air YOU breathe?

Dirty ducts in your home or business can strongly affect your health, shorten the lifespan of your computers, televisions, and other electronic equipment, and can increase the cost of your heating and cooling bills. Even with filters, your air ducts collect and trap different types of air pollutants like dirt and dust, pollen, dander, harsh chemicals, and more.

Without proper cleaning, your air ducts become the perfect place for harmful contaminants to grow into bacteria, mold, and fungus that can hurt you, your family, or your employees.

24/7 Pro Restoration is devoted to making sure the quality of air in your home or business is clean, healthy, and odor-free by inspecting, cleaning and sanitizing the air ducts. Not only is the 24/7 Pro Restoration team efficient, they are trained to work quickly to eliminate any and all debris trapped inside your property’s ventilation system.

When is the best time for air duct cleaning?

Air ducts can be cleaned anytime. But, how do you know when air duct cleaning is really needed? Allergies, asthma, and other respiratory problems can quickly be exacerbated by unhealthy air and dirty air ducts. If your air ducts have not had a recent cleaning, or if you have moved into a new place, now is the perfect time for an inspection and cleaning.

If your home or office has any of the following, it is time for a good air duct cleanse:

  • Cobwebs or debris blowing from vents
  • Visible mold inside ducts
  • Dead bugs or rodent droppings inside ducts
  • Visible dust floating around, or dust on walls near ducts

The Environmental Protection Agency recommends a good ventilation cleaning every three years. For people with allergy and respiratory problems, a cleaning should be done every year.

Why 24/7 Pro Restoration?

24/7 Pro Restoration is a fast, certified, and dedicated team that wants to ensure the health and well-being of your home or office. We understand how important air quality is and how negatively unclean air and odors can affect the lives of those exposed to it. We want to help you and the people you care about.

We care about the air you breathe!

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